What is eProcurement software, how eProcurement software works.

27 - January - 2022

Topmost Advantages of utilizing eProcurement software, and Top Essentials that any eProcurement software design ought to have...

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What is EOI? And Contents of EOI Document.

16 - January - 2022

An Expression of Interest (EOI) is one of the first transaction documents assigned...

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Audit Trail in Procurement: Its Types, Persistence, significances, Perks, and How to Implement it?

1 - January - 2022

The trail to check the sequence of verified computer events linking any activity together...

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E-Contract collaboration benefits and Implementation with simple and easy steps.

01 - December - 2021

E-contracting means the ordering of electronic transactions between customers...

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What Is Supplier Performance Management?

01 - November - 2021

The process that companies used to measure, investigate, and manage supplier...

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What is a Reverse Auction in e-Procurement software?

01 - October -2021

An Auction is a Process in which buying and selling of items, services, or products take place.

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The Tendering Process In E-Procurement Software

01 - September - 2021

Tendering is the process of inviting bidders to submit their bids for a product...

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What is Invoice Matching in E-procurement System

01 - August - 2021

The Procedure to make sure that there is no inconsistency between Purchase orders...

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Procure To Pay Automation – Benefits And Best Practices

01 - July - 2021

Successful companies understand that, in today's global and growing competitive...

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