BusinessBid is a user friendly eSourcing solution that will help you run transparent RFQ’s and eAuctions enabling you to achieve significant cost and time savings

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What We Offer?

BusinessBid has successfully made its mark in bringing all Procurement solutions to one place.
You just name the Procurement process, and we return you a banging eProcurement Software.
Here’s what we are offering:

RFXs and Reverse Auction

Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP), and Request for Quotation (RFQ) are the most popular and common types of requests in procurement. Each type serves a different purpose. We offer Reverse Auction in which sellers bid a price for the item at which they want to sell their products.

Supplier Management and Collaboration

Experience incredible ways to communicate and collaborate with your suppliers. The Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) System allows you ease to chat, send emails and messages, carry out negotiations, exchange information, and discuss new products and services instantaneously.

Create Contracts, POs, Invoices, and Delivery

Fully automated and user-friendly document design facility of the key elements of procurement, i.e., Creating Business Contracts, Purchase Orders (POs), Invoices, and Delivery Notes. All these fundamental aspects of procurement can be created within a few minutes with a wide range of options.

Project, Budget, and Inventory Management

The crucial business decisions require detailed and thorough knowledge and reports of business processes. We offer detail-oriented reports, control over expenditure, and defining project scope and lines. Also, view items log, move items, and add or update stock using the Inventory management panel.


cost savings when running eAuctions

5 mins

or less to create a Purchase Order


faster procuring with BusinessBid

$5 billion

procured through BusinessBid

Key Benefits

Maximize Savings and Cut-Down Costs

Maximize Savings and Cut-Down Costs

BusinessBid eProcurement software provides you with a seamless platform to maximize your savings in terms of providing you with the market competitive prices. It provides you with an easy channel through which negotiations can be made with the suppliers in a short period. As a result, you can make effective cost-saving decisions without causing extra leverage volume of buying.

Increased Productivity Threshold

Increased Productivity Threshold

With BusinessBid eProcurement software, you will experience a considerable difference in your company’s productivity. The threshold level of productivity increases with the use of automated procurement processes, simplifying day-to-day tasks, seeking approvals, keeping track and control of the spending, and the linked processes.

Strengthens Supplier Relationships

Strengthens Supplier Relationships

BusinessBid’s eProcurement Software Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) system brings all the suppliers and buyers on a single, unified platform. A transparent communication channel is connected through which both the parties can exchange emails, carry out negotiations, send messages, chat, and review purchase history. Users can also exchange information about future purchasing and new products in the market, which helps in building healthy supplier relationships.

Business Processes Transparency & Control

Business Processes Transparency & Control

One of the major key features of BusinessBid eProcurement software is transparency. All the process flows, the current status of requests, contracts, purchasing, and expenditure, can be monitored using a single dashboard. The software also allows you to control the expenditure, which helps in allocating the budget with the help of reviewing the statistics, and allows you to authorize the personnel responsible for making significant decisions.

One platform to control and manage 100% of your company’s purchasing & payments

Why Move To BusinessBid

eProcurement Software solution, eSourcing Tool, eAuction Tool, procure to pay

Cost Savings

Companies save an average of 17% when sourcing using BusinessBid’s reverse auction tool.

eProcurement Software solution, eSourcing Tool, eAuction Tool, procure to pay

Spend Optimization

Reduce maverick spending by sourcing through BusinessBid Procurement Software and bring more spend under management.

eProcurement Software solution, eSourcing Tool, eAuction Tool, procure to pay


A transparent eprocurement process improves relationships with all stakeholders and provides auditability.

eProcurement Software solution, eSourcing Tool, eAuction Tool, procure to pay

Time Savings

Compared to using emails, sourcing through BusinessBid Procurement Software saves over 30% in time and helps stay organized.

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