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BusinessBid provides a complete on-demand the best delivery management software. It allows businesses to keep track of all delivery activities.

How Does Our Delivery Management Software Assist Your Business?

Using a phone app for digital delivery orders, real-time operator performance tracking, and delivery verification, BusinessBid is your delivery management software. Our paperless delivery solution provides a route planning tool to schedule several deliveries.

GPS vehicle tracking, signature, personalized delivery alerts, and digital proof of delivery form are all capabilities that come with BusinessBid. To fill out your digital delivery note and verify that the service was effective, you can take images and record signatures.

Order the full spectrum of on-demand delivery services. Customers can request solutions via mobile and web apps. We give our clients the option to pay online using several payment channels and follow their activity in real time.

By delivering real-time alerts at different phases of the order fulfillment lifecycle, you can keep your consumers informed. Customers can speak with their allocated personnel and follow the progress of their delivery agents on Google Maps.

Our path optimization engines select the best routes, allowing you to make several deliveries. With the top delivery management system of BusinessBid, produce outstanding on-time deliveries.

Meet the essential need for a quick, precise, less priced, and available delivery ordering system. Our business's software delivery management eliminates paperwork, emails, and phone calls.

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Why Choose Our Delivery Management System?

Improve Procedures:

Centralizing your delivery management system is among the top delivery techniques. DMS platforms merge all delivery-related elements under one roof. So, you can have task simplification without having to worry about duplication or delays. Paper delivery document trails carry a high danger of human error and disaster. DMS automates manual operations and lowers this risk. So, the workers can concentrate on other activities. Better control, visibility, efficiency, and monitoring of delivery management procedures are the outcomes.

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Lower Customer Engagement:

A key aspect of keeping consumers happy is delivery tracking. One of the best methods to deliver for them while being professional is through DMS.

You must focus on your customers to ensure that they feel appreciated and significant. Better client retention, reviews, and raving referrals are the outcomes.

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Order Management:

You can better handle orders if your DMS is centrally located. You can identify any order lags or other possible problems with a summary of requests and deliveries. But, instead of using several platforms, keep track of delivery schedules, driver work tasks, and order tracking on one system.

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Saving Time And Money:

Saving time and money is the key goal of a delivery management system. The easiest way to achieve this is with software tools. By decreasing delivery times and streamlining tasks, you will also increase delivery effectiveness.

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It is software for streamlining the delivery procedure from start to finish. Both agents and end users can benefit from it. Agents can streamline pick-up and dispatch procedures and receive the most routes for speedy customer delivery. End users can view all driver information and track the status of their deliveries in real-time. Customers can contact the driver to find out the status of their shipments.

Learn about the software's capabilities and how they can benefit your delivery service before purchasing. Below are a few of them:

  • Real-time vehicle tracking enables executives to track the current location of the vehicle. It provides end customers with shipment awareness.
  • Route optimization makes the best and shortest delivery routes available.
  • Control dashboard views and manages all delivery-related activities. It includes new shipment placement and communication-enabled vehicle and driver tracking.
  • Customers can track the car and the driver. So, they can find out the progress of their orders and choose to assess their experience.
  • By automated delivery management, you can identify the driver who is idling. You can avoid the hassle of assigning delivery assignments. The process can be automated by the tool.
  • You can discover information about previous and ongoing deliveries.

It can assist your business in the ways listed below:

Enhanced Delivery Effectiveness:

Managers can use it to track order histories, delivery methods, current routes, customer names, and addresses. Better deliveries and an improved experience for customers may arise from this.

Error-free delivery and dispatch:

The system can schedule and plan deliveries according to the availability of resources. It results in deliveries without mistakes.

  • Find addresses and give drivers recovery time instructions.
  • Effortlessly assign tasks to drivers.
  • Track drivers' locations using GPS.
  • Make use of scheduling and planning features.

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