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BusinessBid e-Procurement software can be integrated with different accounting and ERP software such as SAP, Oracle, and other third-party software.
Yes, you can access BusinessBid e-Procurement software from your mobile phone. You can carry out all the procurement processes and access everything from your mobile phone, anywhere, anytime.
Yes – There is a complete log history of all the procurement processes, be it inventory, purchase orders, invoices, bids summary, budget, and expenses… everything is logged and is available for audit purposes.
Yes – BusinessBid e-Procurement software is very easy to use. The interface is designed in such a way that allows you to perform smooth navigation and everything is available on the dashboard, the menu is clear and concise, and the functionalities of the system are provided in such a way that you may smoothly go with the flow. There is no complexity in the system which could prevent you from the flawless use of the system. We make sure that our software is easy to understand and easy to use.
We do provide user training to our clients. Alongside user training, we also provide complete assistance to our clients and help them to guide and carry out the procurement processes if requested.
Yes – You can allocate the budget as per the project/ branch/ department as required, and mention the spending limit. You can also monitor the expenditure on each project, and also keep track of how much amount has already been spent and how much we are left with on a certain project.
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