BusinessBid is a robust e-procurement system for your business. Convenient requisitioning, strategic sourcing and automated purchasing, All in one place.


  • Simplification of Requisition Creation

    The process of requisition creation is made hassle-free as employees can submit a request simply by accessing and completing the web form as well as attaching any relevant documentation. Once created, the request will be sent for approval with just one click.

  • Simple Requisition Flow

    As all requisitions pass through the same channel, the process of requisitions from start to finish become highly efficient. Each employee is well aware of their role and is able to complete tasks at hand quickly and without unnecessary delay.

  • Greater Buyer Task Organization

    BusinessBid’s unique dashboard stores all information, including daily tasks, new requisitions generated, status updates of existing requisitions as well as a complete record of completed requisitions. Buyers can view available approvals and create a purchase order or RFP.

  • Hassle-Free Requisition Approval

    Readily available status updates give the approver immediate access to a new requisition and is sent the unique web link as a notification prompting quick action. The link also provides the approver with up to date information and documentation pertaining to the requisition in question.


Streamline Your RFx Process

Traditional methods of sourcing supplier pricing and capabilities is cumbersome at best. Our requests feature simplifies this process and allows greater efficiency when organizing data while putting you in the best negotiating position for your company.

Significant Time Savings

The tool allows proficient flow and elimination of redundancy by relying less on manual tasks and using automation to generate reminders, communicate updates and link pertinent documentation.

Hassle Free Review

The RFx tool allows organization of purchase requests in an easy to use platform. It allows users to evaluate and compare any given request, its associated bids as well as supporting documentation. Only one click lets you generate single or multiple POs.

Minimization of Discrepancies

Ready made templates and one-click functions enable simple RFx generation or new bids for single or multiple items without risk of human error. Centralized dashboard provides access to previous orders and allows comparison of current supplier quotes. Real time and secured messaging permits quick communications with suppliers.

Reverse Auction

Lower Costs

An eAuction allows for transparent competition and enables suppliers to view their rank and buyers to gain market insight and the best value for their purchases.

Faster Results

Once an eAuction has begun, it typically takes 20-30 minutes to complete. After which buyers are able to compare pricing and other offerings at a glance and make informed purchase decisions.

Greater Overall Efficiency

eAuctions allows buyers and sellers to bid in a transparent process without being limited by geographical location. Buyers can invite any number of suppliers to bid and suppliers can gain market insight and allow competitive pricing for their goods or services

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