BusinessBid is a robust e-procurement system for your business. Convenient requisitioning, strategic sourcing and automated purchasing, All in one place.

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Time-Saving & Effective Decision Making

BusinessBid e-Procurement System helps in making effective as well as proactive decisions in the form of providing a detailed report, graphical representation, and in-depth analysis of the business processes results. The results for the RFIs, RFPs, RFQs, and Auctions are available in the form of a detailed summary that helps in making quick and effective decisions.

Supplier Management

BusinessBid e-Procurement software eases out the process of supplier management. It ensures that you receive maximum value for the money that your organization pays to the suppliers. Suppliers are an integral part of the business industry and if the collaboration and communication channel is smooth, then yo3ur all your processes will run smoothly. In this manner, both the supplier and the organization will continue to work in harmony and synchronization.

Project Management and Budgeting Forecasting

Project planning and management is the foremost factor that helps in deciding all the major business aspects and decisions to be made, and so the budget forecasting. BusinessBid e-Procurement software helps you to create and manage projects, add the project lines, and allocate budget details. Hence, all your hassle of keeping a back-and-forth check on the budget and project management will eliminate, as you’ll get complete graphical and factual information.

Quick Turn-Around Time for Procurement Processes

A successful businessman makes the efficient use of time and resources. BusinessBid e-Procurement software eases the procurement process by providing a transparent communication platform and the current status of all the ongoing and existing processes. Since all the processes are automated, therefore, the time to respond, conduct an inquiry, and carry out the negotiation process becomes flexible, resulting in establishing goodwill with your clients and suppliers.

One platform to control and manage 100% of your company’s purchasing & payments

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